The People We Were in High School

Dear People From High School,

This is something that has been on my heart for the past several years. Since my departure from Lawrence County High School, I kept up with my former classmates in the way that most of us do- Facebook.

After a while, I began to notice that the people I was seeing posts from on Facebook were total strangers. They cared about different things, dated different people, and moved to different places. I was shocked to discover something horrible coming out in me. Judgement. I am ashamed to admit it, but I viewed my former classmates as the teenagers that said goodbye to many years ago. I found myself thinking that my classmates were “trying to become something they are not”. I even caught myself thinking that it was sad to see people “living a lie”. As they matured, things changed. Some changes were positive, and some were negative. I would catch a glimpse of their life through a picture or a status update and think “I am not surprised” or “That is so weird. I wonder how long it will last.” Instead of rejoicing with people or praying for and encouraging them through life’s challenges, I was simply sitting back and pretending that I knew these young men and women better than they knew themselves. It was as if I expected life to stop for everyone except me. I was growing and changing, but had confined my friends to the box in which high school placed them.

Let’s be honest, who really wants high school to determine who they are for the rest of their lives? Dear goodness, not I!  I know that I am thankful for the ways that my life has changed in the past four years or so. In high school,  I fear that I was a bit too passionate about everything. I lacked the ability to see anyone else’s side in a given situation. I was also incredibly stubborn. Praise the Lord, I am a work in progress! I hope that my former classmates will understand that.

Trust me, I know that this post is revealing some of my more negative thoughts, but I have seen the light! I pray that the people who were in my life in high school have not made this mistake. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only one guilty of this crime. We have got to stop! Let’s lay to rest the temptation to judge others based on the years we spent together as adolescents. Let’s embrace the beautiful stories that have unfolded for each of us.

Thanks for reading my rant/confession. I hope you can relate to it in some way.

God bless,


Class of 2010 :)
Class of 2010 🙂

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